You Got This! Zine

A free, 20-page zine about making web apps with Node.js.

High-contrast/low-color version

Making Web Apps

Learn some of the key concepts to create web apps using Node.js, including:

  • How web servers work
  • The anatomy of a web app
  • What is npm?
  • Understanding asynchronous programming

Paths into Programming

Find out how Cassidy Williams, Steve Klabnik and Saron Yitbarek got into coding.

Top Tips for New Coders

Expert advice for new developers from experienced programmers.

Free Copies for Teachers

Run a coding club or class? We have had 1,000 free, full-color, printed copies of the zine for you to give to your students.

Made by Glitch! 🎏

Made by Glitch! 🎏

Glitch is the friendly community where you'll build the app of your dreams.

With working example apps to remix, a code editor to modify them, instant hosting and deployment - anybody can build a web app on Glitch, for free.