Website Starter Kit

A free, 4-part video course with interactive code examples to learn to make a website using HTML, JS, CSS and Node.js

Intro to HTML (6:06)

Part 1: Intro to HTML

We talk about HTML, what it is, what its limitations are and we cover some actual HTML code that makes up the intro to HTML example website.

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Intro to CSS (4:53)

Part 2: Intro to CSS

We learn about CSS, classes and how we can use CSS to make our website look nicer.

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Intro to JavaScript (3:18)

Part 3: Intro to JavaScript

This video provides an introduction to JavaScript, what it is and how we could use it to add behaviors and functions to our site.

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Intro to Node.js (5:39)

Part 4: Intro to Node.js

We explain what Node.js is, how web servers work and the types of things you can use Node.js for in your own apps.

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Made by Glitch! 🎏

Made by Glitch! 🎏

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