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Glitch for
Remote Work

Glitch is the fastest and easiest way to code and collaborate online, right from your browser.

Whether you're working remotely for the first time or want to level up your virtual collaboration skills, these resources can help.

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There are millions of apps to explore and discover on Glitch. Here are a handful specifically built with remote teams in mind.

Everyone Can Work Together

a hand emoji in the center with different hand emoji options beneath

Remote Hands

Keep connected without interrupting by raising your hand or sending other simple signals during remote meetings or classes

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We've put together a collection of our favorite Glitch for Remote Work apps.

Remote Work is the Future

a collage of women of color cut and different patterns

Women of Color and Distributed Work

Tethered only to laptops and a strong WiFi connection, tens of millions of people are pushing the boundaries of work, and none more so than women of color.

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Virtual Classrooms

Teachers and students use Glitch every day to learn and collaborate online. Learn how to use Glitch in the classroom

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How Glitch Does Remote

For more than ten years, we've had a distributed workforce. We've captured our best practices here in our public, open source employee handbook. Remix the app and edit it as an instant starting point for your own guide.

It’s easy to get caught up in a project when you're working from home. Make sure you stretch and give your eyes a break from the screen regularly.
– Steph

Try to keep your schedule! If you take a lunch break, get away from your computer, and have a proper end-of day ritual to distinguish working from home and just being home.
– Potch

Set a reminder to make sure that you’re drinking enough water.
– Olivia

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Teams Already Using Glitch

spotify logo

Work from home and you can turn the volume to 11. Use Spotify’s APIs and SDKs to build incredible apps.

trello logo

Take distributed project management to the next level with power-ups and apps built using Trello APIs.

nexmo logo

The Vonage API Platform makes it easy for you to build personalized and intuitive communication experiences

slack logo

When you work remote, Slack is your office. Make your office better with bots, slash commands, and apps.

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