Glitch for Platforms helps any developer succeed with your APIs.

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Glitch gives you an unprecedented set of free tools to promote your API to developers:

  • Real-time code collaboration - Code alongside anyone, anywhere, right now
  • Unlimited projects - Create any number of projects and sample apps
  • Import from GitHub - Add a button to import a repo with just one click
  • Remix on Glitch - Embed a button in any help doc or blog post


Double-down on Developer Experience with Glitch for Platforms

Answer that ROI question

We provide you with advanced analytics so that you can keep track of how many developers try and succeed with your API.

Our stats help you understand how the refinements you make to developer experience improve success rates with your API. They enable you to optimize your funnel and make the best use of your time and resources. As well as improve outcomes for developers and demand the budget you deserve.

Know when a dev is stuck and help them before they give up

Hop into a project and help people directly. Inline requests mean you know exactly which part of the code they're stuck with.

Glitch's code editor allows real-time, simultaneous editing like in Google Docs. So you and your new developer BFF can edit code together, and fix issues as they happen.

David Cole, Support Engineer at Wistia
"Working in the Glitch environment makes me feel much more productive and creative. Our customers feel the same, which is why I'm so psyched about having our example apps on it."

Reach an inclusive developer audience

We've built a friendly, welcoming community with absolutely zero tolerance for harassment or abuse. Our outreach efforts regularly connect with underrepresented developers that other communities don't serve.

When you bring your platform to Glitch, you get outside the bubble of the developers you already know.

Ben Brown, Founder and CEO at Howdy
"We use Glitch to reduce friction and get more people working with our toolkit. Glitch takes what could be a really complicated process and makes it a one-click operation."

But, that's not all...

We also give you:

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Backed by 17 years of delighting developers

Glitch is made by Fog Creek Software, one of the most influential small tech companies in the world. We co-created Stack Overflow, invented Trello, and pioneered bug tracking with FogBugz. We literally wrote the book on writing great software, and now we're reinventing things again.