How Do I Move My Project From Thimble To Glitch?

How To Migrate A Thimble Project To Glitch
Starting December 18th, 2018, when you log in to the Thimble homepage, you'll be greeted by a message with some information about the move from Thimble to Glitch. From here you can:

  • Follow the link to the blog post discussing the transition.
  • Or, you can close the message and go right to the Thimble homepage, but keep in mind that as time passes towards December 2019 Thimble features will be gradually turned off.
  • You can also click the button to start exporting your projects to Glitch!

After clicking the "Start exporting" button you're taken to your Thimble dashboard, which will show all your projects. Ones that haven't been migrated yet will display a button to start the export process; ones you've already exported will say as much.

Once you click on the "Export to Glitch" button next to your project you'll be presented with a new message explaining the process in a little more detail. You can also open your Thimble project and you'll see an Export to Glitch banner at the top which will present you with the same dialog.

Your options here depend on whether or not your project has a published version:

  • If you project has a published version, you'll have a choice to make - do I want to migrate the project as it is, or the latest published version? If you want to export the most up-to-date version we suggest migrating the unpublished state.
  • If your project doesn't have a published version, you won't have to make a choice, but once you've chosen which version to export to Glitch you won't be able to re-export the same project.

Once you click on the appropriate Export button and then confirm that you want to complete the export, the process starts off in a new tab by sending you to a special Glitch location that imports your project from Thimble. This process will vary in duration based on how large your Thimble project is but after a few moments you'll be placed in your new Glitch project with a README file open. This file covers some high points of the differences between Thimble projects and Glitch projects.

Signing In To Glitch
If this is your first time on Glitch, you'll want to create an account and sign in so that you can save your newly-migrated projects - if you don't sign in your projects will be deleted after five days.

You can sign in either:

  • Right from the Editor in the upper-right hand corner of the screen, or
  • You can go to the Glitch homepage and sign in from your profile.

Glitch allows you to sign in with your email address; provide your email address and we'll email you a special link that you can use to sign in. You can also share this link to allow others to sign in to your Glitch account. Alternatively you can sign in using Facebook or GitHub if you have an account on either service that you'd like to connect.

Click here to learn about some of the differences between Thimble and Glitch.

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