What’s "remixing"?

When you remix a project on Glitch, you’re creating a copy of an existing project that you’re then able to edit and make any changes that you want. So for example, we provide a number of community projects that are examples of doing specific things on Glitch that you can remix to get started with your own web apps quickly.

Here's how to remix a project on Glitch:


  1. Find an app you would like to try working with.
  2. Scroll down the screen until you see the 'Remix Your Own' button and give it a click.

Glitch then makes a copy of the app and saves it to your Glitch account. From here, you can:

  • Edit any of the files that were in the original project.
  • Change the name of the project.
  • Customise the project to make it your own!

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