OMG, the whole world can see my project's code! Can I make it private?

You can! Like GitHub, projects on Glitch are public by default.

When your project is public:

  • Other Glitch users (logged in or not) can view your project's code and remix it into their own copy.
  • But they can't edit your project's files directly - you'd have to invite them to join your project for them to do that.
  • You can use the .env file to hide sensitive information like passwords and data.

When your project is set to private:

  • Only members that have been invited to join the project will be able to view, edit, or remix it.

You can make your project private by either:

  • Clicking the padlock icon on the Project Page, or
  • Going to the Project Editor and clicking your project name to open the Project Options menu and then checking the box next to 'Make This Project Private'.

Private Project

Regardless of whether your project is public or private:

  • Your Glitch app (whatever's visible when you click on the Show button next to your project name) is always accessible to the internet.
  • Files saved in project assets will still be public.
  • Some Glitch staff can view the code of all projects, including those set to be private. In general we won't do so without your express permission (although we reserve the right to access the code of any project for service troubleshooting or suspected violations of our Terms of Service).

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