Can I import code in a Git repository from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or elsewhere?

Yes! You can import your code from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and any other Git repo hosting service.

To do so, select the 'clone-from-repo' option from the 'New Project' drop-down menu under the 'Project Info' menu at the top-left of the editor. Then enter the full HTTPS git web URL and the repo will be cloned. This clone includes all files and the full commit history, which is viewable in Glitch Rewind.

Public repos should work without issue. Private repos require authentication. For GitHub you can log into Glitch with your GitHub account and if necessary, grant rights to import your private repos. For private repos on all other providers, it's possible to use Basic Auth if the provider supports it. The git import url to use would have a format like:

Note that if you're using 2FA then the Basic Auth option might not work unless your hosting provider allows use of an access token instead of your password.

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