How do I find the URL for my app?

To get the URL for your app:

Get URLs

  1. Find the project you want the URL for and click 'Edit Project' to open the Editor view.
  2. Underneath the project name, you will see a 'Share' button. Click this button to see your project sharing options.
  3. Under 'Link to Glitch', you'll see three URL options: Project Page, Live App and Code.
  • The Project Page URL directs you to your project-in-progress from within Glitch.
  • The Live App URL will take you to just your app. This is good for showing off the final version of your project.
  • The Code URL will take you to the Editor view of your project.
  1. Select the option that you want and then click the 'copy' button directly next to the URL to save it to your clipboard.

Now you can paste this URL inside of a tweet, email or any sort of message
that you want to send out to people so they can view your Glitch app!

Note: While you're inside of the editor, you'll see a URL already in the address bar of your browser. Be aware that this URL will direct you to the Editor view; not to your actual app.

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