How can I get help with my code or give thanks?

Asking for help changes
In order to address a potential security risk, we've modified the behavior of the Raise Your Hand feature. Under some circumstances a malicious "helper" could gain access to your project's secret information in a way that would be easy to miss.

As a result, if we're able to detect that your project is storing secret information, we prevent you from asking for help. Instead, we encourage you to ask your question in the Glitch Support Forum, another way to ask for help from the friendly Glitch community. We hope to see you there!

How to ask for help

Can't figure out an issue with your code? Raise your hand! Highlight the line and click 624df0f2-8a70-4d36-b424-209b6ca3e1f7-2Fhand-raise-1 to request real-time help from a community member.

How to thank helpers

If someone successfully helps resolve your issue, it's a good thing to thank them for their help. You can do this by clicking on their avatar in the editor and selecting 'Thank for Helping':


The button will update and say 'Thanked' when your thanks has been logged:


Learn more about the Glitch Help facility and why we think giving thanks is so important.

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