How do I add a custom domain, a CNAME, or A record for my custom domain?

If you've already purchased a domain from a registrar, you can totally add it to your Glitch project!


To add a custom domain:

  1. Within the Project Editor view, click on the 'Tools' menu located on the lower-left side of the page.
  2. Select 'Custom Domains'.
  3. Enter your custom domain URL ( and click 'Add Domain'. You'll get a URL in return, like Copy this information.
  4. Now, go to your domain name registrar's website and create a CNAME entry using the copied URL. If you've misplaced the url you were provided, not to worry! You can use instead - it's completely interchangeable with any domain.

Note that visiting the URL itself in the browser will display 'Not Found' - it's not intended to be used directly, only as part of a CNAME.

To add a CNAME:

Here are documentation links for how to add a CNAME record with some popular domain name registrars:

Using an ANAME if your domain name registrar requires an IP address:

  • If you want to use the "bare domain" you purchased for your custom domain (for example, instead of most registrars won't allow that because it would break the internet (see this for a slightly geeky but pretty understandable explanation of why).
  • In this case, it's possible your registrar supports a custom DNS record type like ALIAS or ANAME which will serve the same purpose.
  • If not, and your registrar doesn't allow you to use a URL but instead needs an IP address, then you can get the IP address needed by pinging the URL you were given. You can use a service like to do so. You should get an IP address similar to You can then create an A record for it on your domain registrar's website.
  • Here are documentation links for how to add an A record with some popular domain name registrars:

To remove a custom domain:

If you need to remove a custom domain from your project, or you have received a message stating that your custom domain is already in use, please contact us at We can help unlink custom domains from your projects.

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