Will Glitch clean up my code formatting?

We support code formatting with the “Format This File” button available in the editor. Press the button and we’ll clean up your code (and add a little magic sparkle, too!) You can also use the keyboard shortcut (ctrl-alt-S for PC, cmd+opt+S for Mac) to do this.

gif of "Format This File" in Glitch editor being pressed

Want to format just part of a file? Highlight the lines you want to format, click the button, and voila! It's especially handy if you're collaborating with people in the same file and don't want to format the line they're working on.

We use the fabulous Prettier library for this, and have the default options applied. You can use a .prettierc JSON configuration file in your project to set your own preferences. We will likely be supporting more languages in the future—if there’s something you’d like to see supported, make sure to add your voice here.

Note: When you use the keyboard shortcut, or if you have "reduce motion" set on your device, we won't animate with sparkles. We know you might not want to see them all the time. If you do want the magic sparkles, click the button!

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