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Fandoms and Fundraising: How BTS Fans Created a Global Charity

Fans are using social platforms for good, despite the uncompensated time and energy it requires.

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Games, Gizmos and Other Stress Relievers

Watching movies or playing games can get old after a while. You might need something unique to keep yourself (or maybe children) busy. Here are some projects that you can use when you’re feeling bored or anxious and need a distraction.

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The Boldest American Consumer Privacy Statute in a Generation is in Flux

The California Consumer Privacy Act should give consumers far more control over the data that companies collect about them, but it all depends on how the law's implementation defines what personal information is.

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An Ode to Unfinished Projects: Learning to Love “Bad Code”

I have one big unfinished mess that I somehow still use every day, and I've learned to love it.

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How Melody Loveless Makes Computer Code Sing

A mainstay in New York City's livecoding scene, a movement of digital artists who write music and visuals on the fly, Melody Loveless creates in a space between high-concept art and dreamy electro-pop.

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Organizing in Your Community: Easy Tech for Civic Engagement

There are plenty of ways that tech projects can make civic participation easier through mapping or just displaying information in an accessible way.