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The Workers Who Keep the Web Safe in an Unsafe World

The need for content moderation did not stop when Covid-19 spread globally, and neither should our support of the health and safety of the moderators, say experts.

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Virtual Dance Clubs Are Creating New, Thriving Communities

While we can't be with our friends physically, people are seeking even more community on the internet through streamed dance parties.

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Building a More Privacy-Centric Web

Why anonymity is important for everyone, and how we can build more privacy-preserving platforms for the future.

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Managing Chaos: Incident Response Edition

There's a small bug, a feature isn't working, or the site is fully down. How do we react in the world's worst choose your own adventure?

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Google Searches For What It Can't Find

As publishers increasingly demand money direct from Google, the web giant is prompting publishers about what to create.

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Animal Crossing Helped Me Get Back to Real Life

While I feel trapped in my apartment, this digital life gave me a sense of agency and connection.