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Glitch apps we love and the stories behind them.

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I Built an App to Accompany Questlove’s DJ Set in 20 Minutes

Twelve hours of live music, fifteen thousand words of commentary, one Glitch app.

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We Love Games So Much, It Was Hard Making This List

In the first episode of Shift Shift Forward we dive into games we love, check out some of our favorite picks.

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Just Like Ancient Times, Modern Farmers Need Great Tech, Too  

Agriculture has driven technology advances since the dawn of civilization, so it makes good sense that farmers need mobile-friendly tools to manage their crops in the modern era.

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From Games to Tools for Work, Every Good Idea Can Become Your Own App

There's so much you can do with Glitch's new features, we asked around to see what our first members were doing with their boosting capabilities.

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Building Flexible, Subscription-Friendly Apps

The web goes through waves of centralization and decentralization, and it’s within the decades-long legacy of community-focused creativity that Substation, designed with revenue for indie artists in mind, was born. 

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Building the Most Unique Newsletter You’ll Ever Read

The web has gotten a bit routine and that’s why David Allin Reese’s "mutating newsletter" is a refreshing surprise.

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The Open Source Solution to Supporting Creators You Love

Can the web ever truly serve indie creators? This is where Jesse von Doom and Anthony Batt's Substation comes in.

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Neal Agarwal is Keeping the Weird Web Alive

These are the kinds of projects that remind people what creating the web can be like when they think beyond practicality.

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Games, Gizmos and Other Stress Relievers

Watching movies or playing games can get old after a while. You might need something unique to keep yourself (or maybe children) busy. Here are some projects that you can use when you’re feeling bored or anxious and need a distraction.

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Video Chat With OpenTok on Glitch

What if you could build your own version of Zoom or Google Hangouts? Using Glitch and OpenTok, the opportunity awaits you!