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How to Get Your App Featured on Glitch

Whether you’ve made a useful tool or a gorgeous data visualization, all projects are welcome!

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Teaching Computer Science Requires A Lot of Creativity

From writing and creating projects to finding collaborative tools, being a computer science teacher comes with a lot of power and a lot of responsibility.

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Who Is “In Tech”?

We’re all speaking (and coding in) different languages, it’s hard to parse whose job is technical. Our latest Shift Shift Episode dives into the big question: who gets to say they are “in tech”?

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Childcare During the Apocalypse

There are a million parenting books, but how do you manage balancing work and family during the pandemic?

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This Animal Crossing Balloon Tracker Brings Calm to Chaos

Don’t underestimate the satisfaction of finding a balloon floating through the sky, in real life or otherwise. 

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Drag and Drop Your Art to the Virtual World

The perfect art gallery for a nice evening at home.

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Make your own custom free invitation, guestbook, photo booth, and more apps made on, the friendly community where anyone can create the web.

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Discord Bots Starter Kit: Making your first bot, easy

Make and customize your first bots using Discord and Glitch.