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An Ode to Unfinished Projects: Learning to Love “Bad Code”

I have one big unfinished mess that I somehow still use every day, and I've learned to love it.

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Organizing in Your Community: Easy Tech for Civic Engagement

There are plenty of ways that tech projects can make civic participation easier through mapping or just displaying information in an accessible way.

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Using a Glitch App to Support a Movement

It can be difficult to remember all the different activist movements, let alone support them. So instead of having to keep track yourself, Glitch engineer Sarah Zinger made an app to do the heavy lifting.

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This Developer is Spreading Road Safety Awareness, One City at a Time

Daniel Schep has taken action on this issue in his community and he wants you to do the same.

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Building Your Own Website, Once and For All

Here are a handful of Glitch apps you can use to jumpstart your new site. 

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What Does it Take to Make Generative Art Every Week? We Asked Luke Patton.

A generative artist’s journey to designing something new every week of the year.

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Discord Bots Starter Kit: Making your first bot, easy

Make and customize your first bots using Discord and Glitch.

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Video Chat With OpenTok on Glitch

What if you could build your own version of Zoom or Google Hangouts? Using Glitch and OpenTok, the opportunity awaits you!