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How Melody Loveless Makes Computer Code Sing

A mainstay in New York City's livecoding scene, a movement of digital artists who write music and visuals on the fly, Melody Loveless creates in a space between high-concept art and dreamy electro-pop.

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With Music Tech, DJs Once Changed the Dancefloor. Now the Dancefloor Changes the DJ.

Being a DJ in 2020 is not like what it used to be, writes culture and music writer Wolfgang Ruth, as the career comes with accessibility and technology that once didn’t exist.

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Bundle Up: How Music Charts in the Streaming Era

The music industry and online fandoms are redefining which songs make it to the top music charts by doing so much more than listening. The most popular music in the world is changing before our eyes, thanks to streaming and bundling.

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Why You're Getting So Many Texts from Political Campaigns

Whether it's paid tweeters, misinformation bots, or peer-to-peer texting, today’s political landscape is something we could have hardly imagined, writes Stephen Cobb, former Deputy Attorney General of Virginia and expert in election law.

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Women of Color are Redefining the Culture of Remote Work 

Tethered only to laptops and a strong WiFi connection, tens of millions of people are pushing the boundaries of work, and none more so than women of color.

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