Put Glitch to Work

Glitch Teams is the most productive
way to build and share apps together

Work together on Glitch

Whether you're an experience developer or just need to fix a quick typo, everyone on your team can work on your app or website together in real time!

No other product enables your team to collaborate on code like this.

Create apps rapidly as a team

No servers, no setup, no worries! Focus on prototyping your idea and creating your next app. With instant hosting and automatic deployment, your team won't get bogged down with DevOps stuff.

Glitch is the fastest way to build apps together!

Share apps with co-workers

Glitch gives your team its own directory of apps with controls for each project. Share apps within your team or with the whole world!

Once you’ve created an app or website, anyone on your team can remix it with just a click.

Works with the tools you already use

Glitch apps run on Amazon Web Services — export your apps to GitHub with one click, or re-deploy them on your own infrastructure.

Use Glitch to complement your current dev tools with no lock-in.

Glitch Teams Helps:

Create quick solutions

Coders have never been as productive and happy as they are on Glitch!

Web development teams can rapidly develop landing pages, apps, and bots for campaigns.

Sales engineering can quickly create solutions to help close sales.

Support can provide working examples to customer questions.

Work with less technical teams

Create templates that teams can easily remix for multiple uses.

Enable teams to make copy and asset changes without having to know Git or setup their own dev environment.

Write better code and hire better coders

Pair-program with colleagues for mentorship and code review.

Use Glitch to code remotely with candidates during the hiring process.

Be more productive

Prototype new app designs and easily try out new frameworks and technologies.

Create microsites from existing examples with a single click.

Upgrade static marketing sites to rich applications, all hosted in the same environment.

Show your boss real results

Answer that ROI question with real, actionable analytics that helps you refine developer experience, improve success rates and demand the budget you deserve.

Track valuable metrics like:

  • How many developers tried your API examples
  • How many developers created apps using your API
  • Which sites are using your sample apps

Give devs real running code examples

Make it easier for developers to get started with real, working example apps on Glitch.

Embed live, editable code directly in your docs, how-to articles, and blog posts.

Run smarter, more successful events

Private projects help you improve workshops, hackathons and training sessions by creating reusable courses and starter projects.

Advanced help features let you answer questions about code as they arise, even for remote events like virtual conferences and live webinars.

See it in action:

Grow your developer community

Curate sample projects created by your team on your very own brand page.

Highlight quick-start apps that motviate developers to build.

Display app blueprints to simplify third-party integrations.

Demonstrate live demos to show off the full power of your platform.

See it in action:

Go straight to teaching code

With Glitch, there's nothing to install. No need to worry about setting up a development environment or keeping tools up to date — we take care of all that for you.

Glitch works on any device with a web browser, including Chromebooks, iPads, and even hand-me-down laptops. Old hardware? No problem.

Pair-program or live code

The Glitch editor is collaborative, so you can pair with students on code in a workshop, or they can watch you coding live.

Rollback changes with ease

Use Rewind to roll back changes in projects.

Our easy-to-use, intuitive UI allows students to undo mistakes without needing to know Git.

Help is a hand-raise away

Glitch Help makes getting assistance with coding issues as easy as raising your hand.

Students can highlight their project, file, or line of code they're stuck on, and you can hop straight in to help them out.

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Glitch is a different kind of company

Glitch is a different kind of company

Building on a nearly 20-year legacy, Glitch was born at Fog Creek Software, one of the most influential small tech companies in the world. We co-created Stack Overflow, invented Trello, and pioneered bug tracking with FogBugz. Now we’re building the most friendly, innovative, thoughtful and productive creative community on the Internet. We can’t wait to see what you create!