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What’s in Glitch Teams?

We’re counting on you to help us define it. But you'll get a simple way to manage your team's apps, and all the strengths of developing on Glitch today, such as:

Real-time collaborative code editing

It’s like Google Docs for code, letting everyone on your team work on your app or site together – whether they’re experienced developers or just someone who wants to make a copy edit.

Automatic hosting and deployment

As you type, Glitch automatically deploys your app, handling SSL certificates and server provisioning with a CDN for super-fast asset delivery.

Easy app discovery and sharing

Glitch gives your team its own directory of apps, with per-project controls on sharing within your team or to the whole world. Once you’ve created an app or website, anyone on your team can remix it with just a click.

Zero lock-in, maximum flexibility

Glitch apps are completely standard, running on ordinary Amazon AWS services. Export your apps to GitHub with one-click, or redeploy them on your own infrastructure using your existing tools.

How you’ll use Glitch Teams

The drawings may be fun, but Glitch Teams is Serious Business ™

Web Development

Your coders have never been as productive and happy as they are on Glitch, thanks to:

  • No time wasted setting up a development environment.
  • Freedom from the drudgery of version control and dependency management.
  • The same satisfying and productive tools they choose to use in their free time.

Your team can focus on their great ideas and forget the noise.


Enable team members who aren’t coders to change copy or images, without stepping on your developers’ toes. With Glitch Teams you can:

  • Create microsites with just a click by remixing existing examples.
  • Upgrade from static marketing sites to rich applications, all hosted in the same environment.

Learning and Training

Glitch is a great tool for teaching and learning. With Glitch Teams you'll be able to:

  • Prototype new app designs, or try out new frameworks and technologies easily.
  • Explore sample apps created by the most popular companies and open source communities, and remix their work to make your own.
  • Take advantage of countless free resources built around Glitch to help new coders learn, and experienced coders gain new skills.
  • Run effective workshops with collaboration features and support for built-in contextual help requests.

Recruitment and Hiring

Show off the cool, innovative things your team builds and attract talented, like-minded creative people.

Collaborate on code remotely with potential new hires, as part of coding challenges during your hiring process.

Made by Fog Creek Software

Made by Fog Creek Software

Glitch is made by Fog Creek Software, one of the most influential small tech companies in the world. We co-created Stack Overflow, invented Trello, and pioneered bug tracking with FogBugz and Manuscript. We literally wrote the book on writing great software, and now we're reinventing things again.