You invest so much in developer outreach.
Can you show that it's working?

Coders ❤️ Glitch. Now Glitch for Platforms gives you the tools you need to measure and improve developer adoption of your API.

A quick overview of Glitch for Platforms (1:55)

Lower the Barriers to "Hello World"

Free Community tools for your team to start helping developers today

Meet developers where they are

Now you can offer live, real-time pair programming with coders who try your platform, so you can help them before they get stuck and abandon your API.

And developers love the easy, productive, creative environment of Glitch. It'll give them warm fuzzies to see that your platform is here.

Make it easier to get started

Drop a "Remix on Glitch" button anywhere you want devs to try your code. Glitch instantly clones a sample app from your GitHub repo or from any Glitch project. It's running in seconds.

Automatically supply API keys or configuration variables so developers can get started with no setup.

See it in action:

Give devs real running code examples

Glitch offers free, full-stack project hosting for your team and for developers on your platform — not just static front-end files.

See it in action:


And now you can embed live, editable code directly in your docs, how-to articles and blog posts.

Attract every developer

With Glitch, we've worked from the start to build an inclusive, welcoming community with zero tolerance for abuse. When everyone is welcome, your community grows faster and is fueled by a diverse range of ideas.

Radically Improve Developer Experience

Advanced Team and Business features to grow your dev community

Show your boss real results

Answer that ROI question with real, actionable analytics that helps you refine developer experience, improve success rates and demand the budget you deserve:

  • How many developers tried your API examples
  • How many devs created their own apps using your API
  • Which sites are using your sample apps

Build trust with your community

By getting a "verified" badge for your team members, you can reassure developers that they're getting help directly from the source.

Step up to the Business level and you'll get robust tools for managing your team's presence on Glitch.

Run smarter, more successful dev events

Private projects help you improve your workshops, hackathons and training sessions by creating reusable courses and starter projects.

Advanced help features let you answer developer questions about code as they arise - even for remote events, like virtual conferences and live webinars.

See it in action:

Drive adoption of your API

Curate all the sample projects created by your team or community — including quickstart apps that get people building, app blueprints to simplify third-party integrations, and live demos to show off the full power of your platform.

The Business level lets you create as many galleries as you need.

See it in action:

Made by Fog Creek Software

Made by Fog Creek Software

Glitch is made by Fog Creek Software, one of the most influential small tech companies in the world. We co-created Stack Overflow, invented Trello, and pioneered bug tracking with FogBugz. We literally wrote the book on writing great software, and now we're reinventing things again.

Used by the Most Innovative Developer Platforms

David Cole, Support Engineer at Wistia

"Working in the Glitch environment makes me feel much more productive and creative. Our customers feel the same, which is why I'm so psyched about having our example apps on it."

Ben Brown, Founder and CEO at Howdy (Makers of Botkit)

"We use Glitch to reduce friction and get more people working with our toolkit. Glitch takes what could be a really complicated process and makes it a one-click operation."