Space and Time

Whether you want to make your own planet or you just want to take a trip down memory lane on Twitter, this week's collection of apps has something for you! We're ready to blast off! 🚀

What Was Your First Website?

The early days of the Web were full of curious little websites. Whether you had a simple Geocities page or a tricked out Blackplanet or MySpace profile, those beginning days felt like a totally different space than the Internet we know today.

But guess what -- that whimsical, creative web is still out there, and we want to help you rediscover it! The Glitch team has created the Wayback Importer, an easy way for you to grab your first website from and bring it back to life on Glitch. Everything old is new again!

Spot The Fake Headline

Every day, there seems to be a new incident in the news that makes you shake your head in disbelief. Comedian and New York Times bestselling author Baratunde Thurston worked with Color of Change and the team here at Glitch on an app that debuted at this year's XOXO in Portland, Oregon.

Living While Black cycles through ten headlines and asks you to figure out which one is real and which one is fake. The answers may surprise you!

Jump Jump Jump To It

Do you remember jumping on a trampoline as a kid? Nothing beats that fun feeling of leaping into the air and continuously bouncing higher and higher. Educator and Glitch user Justin Riley (@OhioFi) brought back that fun feeling in this app which features multicolored robots jumping joyfully on a trampoline. Try remixing the project and adding some variety to the robots!

Revisiting Old Twitter Faves

If you've been active on Twitter for a few years, chances are you've "favorited" a number of tweets from other users. Over time those can add up, and you may not remember which tweets you liked, made you smile, or gave you a good laugh.

Now there's a solution to ths problem! 15-year-old Samarth Jajoo (@jajoosam) whipped up a project over the span of a weekend called the Twitter Wayback Machine. Just type in your Twitter username, and the app will show you a new tweet from your list of favorites. Best of all, there's no app permissions!

Now You See It, Now You Don't

When I was younger, tilt cards were everywhere -- postcards, trading cards, name it! The process goes back to the late 16th century, and it's still used today as an effective way to add interactive effects to a static print design.

Front-end developer and Glitch user Dan Wilson (@danwilson) built a nifty app that takes this lenticular design process and applies it to an image via CSS transforms. Remix the app and add your own images!

Make Your Own Planet

Space: the final frontier. The vast expanse beyond our world has captivated humans since time immemorial. Satellites and probes give us an idea of what else lies past Earth's atmosphere, and our imaginations fill in the rest.

That sense of wonder is behind this planet generating app from Glitch user Root Angel (@acgillette). Click the randomize button to create a new planet, and let the soothing, meditative music take you to another world!


This Week's Featured Artist: Yacoyon

We're honored to have the work of Tokyo-based illustrator Yacoyon for our featured apps this week! Yacoyon's style draws from fashion and video game culture, and the result is a mix of modern style and retro pixel art.

Check out Yacoyon's illustrations for our featured apps, and see more of Yacoyon's work on Instagram!


As industrial designer George Nelson says, you don't think your way to creative work; you work your way to creative thinking. This week's collection of apps are proof that the web can still be a fun place full of creativity. And Glitch is just the community to help you (re)discover that!