Glitch Party Starter Kit

At XOXO Fest this year, we wanted to celebrate our community in a special way, so we built a suite of apps that would let us throw the best party ever. We had so much fun that we thought we’d share how we did it. Here's a collection of apps to plan your next shindig!

Using Glitch: This Is What You Came For


You can use Glitch apps to host your own party! This Kit includes free, remixable apps to create an invitation page, guestbook, and photobooth. Unlike sites that offer freemium party planning tools but demand your personal data in return, we send no spammy emails and we will never ask you to sign away your private data.

We’ve included simple instructions on how to make these apps your own in the README files of each. If you need help along the way, raise your hand or search for help.

Invitations: This Is How We Do It

When it comes to party-time prep, homemade beats store-bought, hands down. So why not build your own website to host your party’s details? We made a flexible Event Page App template that you can change as much (or as little) as you want. If you’re wondering how different you can make it look, take a peek at a remix of it here.

Guestbook: I Want It That Way

Depending on how formal your event is, you may want people to sign in. Or maybe, like us, you just want to know everyone’s astrological sign.

Using the Guestbook App, you can customize the style, colors and pictures on your guestbook. Hosting an event with guests from all over? Use this app to collect attendee information, like a guest's location, their name and interests. Any information you ask for using the guestbook is organized and stored for your eyes only using Airtable.

Photobooth App: Sure Shot

The best parties we’ve ever been to have had photobooths. People love a photobooth. The Photobooth App will make sure your guests share memories for years to come. And hey, when your event's done, you could even add an album here or update the event invitation page to show off how much fun you had. Our app is proudly inspired by this Wedding Photobooth app made by Glitch user @mortenson.

Even More Apps: Dancing Queen

Glitch is full of party-approved apps, including apps using Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Play a game, create some art, it's up to you! When you host a party using Glitch apps, we'd love for you to share a great picture with us, or share your app links with us on Twitter.