New Year, New Me: Five Apps for Starting Fresh in 2020

Leave the past where it is and get ready for a great year. It's time for the annual reset button.

Welcome to a new decade! Although the ritual around New Year’s is just a cultural construction, it’s the perfect time for creating new resolutions, picking up forgotten hobbies and letting things go for a fresh start. You have to ask yourself what you want out of 2020 and what you definitely want to leave in 2019. To help as best as we can, here’s a few apps that’ll help you sort through life’s nonsense and put you in a better position to take on the year.

😭 In your feelings 😭

The very first thing you’ll need to do is detox from last year. Unfortunately midnight on January 1st is not a genuine restart, you might have a lot of baggage or drama that you’re still dealing with. The best thing you can do is to forgive and forget — which is where “Thought Detox” from Angelo Stavrow comes in. Just write down whatever you are trying to let go of in the new year and press “Release This Thought.”

One of the most valuable things you can gift yourself in 2020 is keep tracking all of the good things in your life, even the little one. With Desi Rottman’s “Three Good Things". If you’re having a bad day, it can be hard to remember the good stuff that’s happened recently, so let this project do the work for you. As Desi writes in the app “They can be things that happened the day before, things I’m looking forward to, good experiences I had, or even things as trivial as coffee. Some days it’s harder than others, and on those days, it feels like the most important thing to do.” Also, the app is locally stored which means all of your thoughts are safe and not being backed up to a server.


Committing to daily journaling can sometimes be overwhelming, so here’s a cute and efficient way to log your feelings without the messy details. With “Year in Pixels” from Alejandro AR you can keep track of your daily mood with little color blocks and it’ll create a helpful visualization that’ll show the range over time.

👾 Digital detox 👾

In addition to an emotional detox, a digital detox might be part of the way you set yourself up for wellness in the new year — and what has the tendency to cause the most unhappiness, but Twitter. “Tokimeki Unfollow” from Julius Tarng helps you go through your Twitter timeline with the Konmari method, if a tweet doesn’t spark joy, unfollow. Stop following the person you met at a networking thing 3 years ago, their tweets are bad and in 2020, you don’t have time for that.

Finally, maybe you don’t want to unfollow someone but you’re annoyed by how often they retweet things, there’s a solution for that as well: “Turn Off Retweets” by Julia Evans. Twitter already lets you turn off retweets for people, but unfortunately you have to go one by one, this will help you get it done faster and give you the peace of mind you so badly crave for the next year.

As always feel free to add any of these apps to your My Stuff via this collection.