MythBusters Jr.

Six of the nation’s most talented kids team up with Adam Savage. Together they’ll tackle a variety of myths and decide if they’re… BUSTED, PLAUSIBLE, or CONFIRMED! Find out on the all new series, MythBusters Jr.

Wednesdays at 9p on SCIENCE

Episode 3: Battery Blast

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Straight as an Arrow: Does an arrow really fly straight?

An arrow flies straight — right? Adam and the MBJr's get in touch with their inner Robin Hoods with longbows, crossbows, and compound bows to test exactly how straight an arrow's flight path is. The saying must come from some true origin...or does it?

Will the "Archer's Paradox" end up being true?

Lithium-Ion Battery Garbage Truck Blow Up: Could lithium-ion batteries thrown into household trash cause a garbage truck to explode?

Lithium ion batteries - those mini-marvels of power storage have been under fire lately – for literally – causing fires. Adam and the MBJr's examine the combustible forces at play with these tricky little devils, and discover what could happen if the wrong battery at the wrong time gets caught in the pinch point of a garbage truck’s hydraulically powered compactor.

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