Introducing Glimmer (Call for Submissions)

In early 2020, Glitch is launching a new publication, Glimmer. You're seeing the logo for the first time here, and we can’t wait to show you the site when it launches. In the meantime, we're commissioning reported features, interviews, analysis, and illustrated works about how technology impacts our culture, work, and world.

To view our rates and submit a pitch, complete this form. If you prefer to use email, send one to For more details about our editorial mission and goals, keep reading!

Celebrating the makers, creators, and coders who shine

The seeds of change in tech are planted in the developer notes, social media platform policies, and the software and devices that we use at home and for work. There is a growing public interest to understand the beneficial and harmful aspects of the web.

Glitch is a community and platform built for people who make the web. We’re biased, but we believe our users are at the heart of making the web better. And in 2019, Glitch became a signatory of the Contract for the Web, a consortium of “companies, governments, and citizens” who support sustainable and ethical tech. Our users and audiences consist of the people shaping the future of expressive, ethical, and even eccentric technology.

We're looking for stories on the frontlines of change. Glitch is proud to launch Glimmer, a new magazine highlighting unique stories about how technology informs the work of creators, from developers to DJs to designers. Glimmer will feature perspectives from the experts, but we will also highlight stories about the systemic limitations that prevent people from being heard by industry leaders.

Many of those speaking up are not being heard: the indie artist whose work is appropriated for a hateful meme. The social media user who is being harassed and told the terms of service can’t stop it. A video channel that is shut down without the option of appeal. The app user who doesn’t know how their data is being used and shared.

Send pitches using this form. This form is a remixable Glitch app that automatically posts submissions to our internal Trello board. Pretty cool, eh? For questions about a pitch, email We're also looking for like-minded partners to work with us to share stories about building a more exciting, sustainable tech industry. If you've got a great idea, we'd love to talk.

Margarita Noriega
Editor, Glimmer

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