Games to get you through the last hour of work

You could respond to all of those emails, but that’s just not realistic.

Look it’s 4 PM, it’s too late and you’re too tired to start on something new but it’s too early to leave work without your boss raising an eyebrow — what do you do? Theoretically, you could respond to all of those emails, but that’s just not realistic. Instead, might I propose that you pretend to be working with some Glitch apps?

I’ve gathered some Glitch games that are perfect for keeping you busy when you just don’t have it in you to work anymore — not that I’m speaking from experience or anything, I work 28 hours a day, can’t get enough.

Your first step to slacking off is to play a few rounds of “url-zombies” from Neal Agarwal. As an emoji face, you must fend off as many zombies as you can. This unique game really brings to life a lot of what Glitch values in our community: strange creations that promote procrastination and ponders the concept of mortality… 10/10!

Maybe you’re done with your all work for the day and you’re feeling good so you’d still want to do something mentally stimulating, why not a puzzle? “Number-party” by Christian Lawson-Perfect takes a simple concept, based on a puzzle by David Butler, and turns it into an emoji game. Each number is dressed up as an emoji and the goal is to figure which number each emoji is a stand in for, which you do by adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying different emojis and getting a new emoji answer — almost like emoji sudoku.

For this next game you’ll be going on Wikipedia. Don’t we all end up on there a couple times a day anyway? “Limitrivia” by Robert Vinluan puts your Wikipedia-ing skills to the test by asking Jeopardy style question, but giving you the additional help of searching with Wikipedia. It’s a pretty original take on a single player trivia game and it gives you some fun facts to tell your friends this weekend.

Okay it’s the last half hour of work, you’ve been sitting at your desk since lunch and you need any excuse to get up. Luckily for you this last toy works best with a printer. The project “image-target-to-slam” from 8th Wall, is a very cool example of augmented reality. Just print out the image of the moon provided, open the project on your phone and there you go. As an added game, see how many coworkers you can successfully distract with this digital palm tree.

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