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Function with Anil Dash is a podcast about how technology is shaping culture and communications.

Host and Glitch CEO, Anil Dash, talks to developers, designers, and culture experts to understand the ways tech is changing culture, and what it means for us.

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Fn 14: Design Bias is Ruining Accessibility

Are we making sure the tech we create is usable for the people we say we want to help?

Accessibility is more than a buzzword. Anil speaks with Emily Ladau, co-host of The Accessible Stall podcast, Alex Haagaard, Director of Communications at the Disabled List, and Vilissa Thompson, founder of Ramp Your Voice, about accessibility bias in tech and what abled designers can unlearn in order to create more inclusive apps.

These activists are dedicated to making sure disabled people are represented in the design processes within tech and all facets of society.

Big thanks to LinkedIn for supporting the second season of Function.

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