Episode 2: Dynamite Air Freshener

Will a spark turn a can of air freshener into an explosive? And just how much water can a wet dog shake off?

Adam Savage is BACK and on the case with his six co-hosts. You're in for a real treat when MythBusters Jr: Dynamite Air Freshener premieres Wednesday, Jan 9 at 9p on SCIENCE

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Air Freshener Car Blow Up: Can a single spark turn an aerosol air freshener into an explosive?

Urban legend has it that the ember from a cigarette reacted with a can of slow-leaking aerosol air freshener and caused a bit of a blow up. In another incident, an odiferous car pumped full of air freshener by an over-eager teenager exploded when the car light came on. Could these stories possibly be true? Adam and the MBJr's are on the case!

Soggy Dog Shake: How much water can a wet dog shake off?

Does a dog lose 70% of its weight on its first shake out of the water? Is the speed of a wet dog's shake in direct correlation to a dog's size? Adam and the MBJr's use a wide array of playful pups to test this myth. By examining the centifugal principles and forces at play, along with the speed of the dogs' oscillations and movements in relation to their size, Adam and the team will gain a lot of information on this soggy subject!

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See how fast it takes you to shake out the water from the dog! 🐶💦

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