Episode 1: Duct Tape Special

Will a duct-tape parachute — or a duct-tape spare tire — save your life (or at least your day)?

Adam Savage is BACK and on the case with his six co-hosts. You're in for a real treat when MythBusters Jr: Duct Tape Special premieres Wednesday, Jan 2, at 9p on SCIENCE

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Ask any builder or handyman and they’ll tell you — duct tape is a miracle material — it seemingly can do anything. It’s no surprise that this versatile, “do-all” item has also been a MythBusters favorite over the years — using the humble adhesive tape to lift a 5000lb. car, build a bridge across a chasm, a functioning cannon, a sailboat and an outrigger canoe.

Well, the MythBusters duct tape tradition is alive and well.

Duct Tape Tire Car: Can you make a usable car tire out of duct tape? Can a car navigate an obstacle course riding on FOUR of them?

In a classic testing of a “viral” video, Adam and the MythBusters will employ a mind boggling amount of duct tape to see how well they can re-invent the “wheel”. Starting with a proof of concept with a bicycle tire, them moving up to a car’s spare — the MythBusters will eventually replace all four tires on a car with duct tape wheels and see how well they will hold up on running the turns on an obstacle course at high speed.

Duct Tape Parachute: Can you make a viable, life-saving parachute out of duct tape?

In a parallel build, the MBJr’s set out to see if they can construct a viable, life-saving parachute with this miracle adhesive material.

Small scale tests with Buster analogs such as Stretch Armstrong action figures and cinder blocks lead to a full-scale Buster drop — 1000 ft. out of a helicopter. Will the duct tape parachute slow down Buster’s fall to a survivable speed or will our faithful test dummy go splat? It’s a sticky question that only the MBJr’s a helicopter and boatload of duct tape can answer.

Try it out! 🎮
Can you build a parachute to help Eggy survive? If they drop too fast they might crack. 🍳

Choose the parachute material and see what happens!

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