Boo-ray, some spooky apps!

From web audio to name generators, there’s no one way to get into the Halloween spirit.

It’s October 31st and before you get into the holiday mood and stream “All I Want For Christmas Is You” 900 times, we’ve got some treats for you! We’ve put together a handful of apps that will give you both a spook and a fright. From web audio to name generators, there’s no one way to get into the Halloween spirit.


First we have “synthier-things” from Eric Wood, which lets you play and morph the Stranger Things theme song. If you’re exhausted from trick-or-treating, this is the perfect toy to distract your kids for a half hour while you power nap. Plus you can learn more about the oscillator, filter and envelope that adjusts the audio if you check out the README which explains how the project works.

Introducing “rumbling-ironclad,” your friendly neighborhood ouija board from Potch. Rather than wasting your time and money on a physical ouija board to talk to regular boring ghosts, just use this one to talk to the digital ghosts that keep you up at night — old MySpace Top 8’s, LiveJournal entries, etc.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without the “halloween-name-generator” from Melissa McEwen! Use this to spookify your name on Instagram, Twitter or if you’re really bored changed all your contacts and make Halloween year round. Sorry mom and dad, you’re now “momonstrous” and “accursedad” respectively. As an added bonus, here’s a second pumpkin-centered name generator.

I don’t know what exactly “hall-of-jitters” is, but thricedotted has got me spooked. You can just click to add a new specimen and grow your jitter family, but watch out, I looked away for a few seconds and my jitters grew so fast. I now live in fear that my jitter called “EXPECTANT KATIE” might jitter out of my laptop screen.

Finally, the accidental spookiest app on Glitch is… (drum roll) “doodle-place”! Have you ever drawn something so cool that you wish it would come to life? Well after playing with this app from Lingdong Huang you will never want that to happen. In theory a universe with all the doodles would be kind of cute, but the actuality is much more nightmarish.

Whether you’re trick-or-treating, going to a party or chilling at home with a scary movie, there’s always room for some fun web apps in your life. If you want to save any of the apps to your My Stuff, check out this collection.