Glitch Year in Review

We have had an amazing year here at Glitch, and it's all thanks to our wonderful community of creators. Here are some of the highlights!

You all built over 4 million apps

For context, that’s more than Apple’s App Store! We mentioned crossing the 2.5 million mark earlier this year, and it’s clear the community on Glitch is creating the cutting edge of the web. We’re proud to enable creativity with code like no tool has done before.

You asked, and we delivered — Glitch for Visual Studio Code

You can now develop Glitch apps entirely using Visual Studio Code, the most widely used developer environment. Download the extension today on the Visual Studio Marketplace!

You helped us partner with MythBusters Jr.

Glitch teamed up with Adam Savage for the premiere of MythBusters Jr., a show where six of the nation’s most talented kids tackle a variety of scientific myths. We created companion Glitch apps for each episode, which take the experiments to a whole new level.

You helped us develop three new starter kits

Since our starter kits for React and website building were such a big hit, we made three new starter kits this year! Learn more about WebVR using A-Frame, build your first Discord bot, and then have some fun with our Glitch Party starter kit!

You came and saw us out in the world

Anyone can build the web with Glitch, so we put that to the test at some of the Web’s biggest events this year! We brought Appy Hour to XOXO, got our remix on at Capitol Royale, and took questions with Mindy Kaling at this year’s Twilio Signal conference!

You tuned in for season 2 of Function

Function, our tech podcast hosted by Glitch CEO Anil Dash, returned for season 2 this year with a big question: can we trust the Internet? Anil talked with authors, advocates, and developers to uncover the answer.

You helped us make history with Revision Path

Revision Path became the first podcast to be included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture -- a tremendously significant milestone!

You helped us reach new heights

We've been bootstrapped for almost 20 years, so the decision to raise funding wasn't one we took lightly. With this investment, we’re able to turn our words into policies and practices that are unprecedented for a company at our stage.

You kept us honest as we expanded our board member search to the community

We think we have a chance to make a fundamentally more innovative strategy and a dramatically more inclusive company culture by making our call for board members as open as everything else we do at our organization.

Our team grew to help serve you

We've more than doubled in size and with that growth, we've learned a lot. There's more to say about what these lessons are, but we're going to be putting those into practice in 2020 with a renewed focus on making Glitch a great place for both users and employees alike.

Illustrations by Aaron Fernandez.