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How it works

Try millions of apps… then, create your own.

With working example apps to remix, a code editor to modify them, instant hosting and deployment - anybody can build a web app on Glitch, for free.

Start by remixing

You never have to start from a blank slate. Remix a full, working app to personalize it for your needs, or build on the most popular and powerful developer frameworks to create your app.

Collaborate on code

There's no need for complicated version control — the built-in editor lets you, and anybody else you invite, edit code all at once and undo mistakes as they happen. It's a lot like working together in Google Docs.

It's fun, but it's not a toy

Glitch isn't a "dumbed-down" version of a real developer environment — your Glitch app runs on the exact same cloud infrastructure that the best developers use to run their apps. We've just made it easier for you to get started.


Key Features

Instant hosting and automated deployment

Forget setting up hosting infrastructure and configuring a deployment pipeline - we take care of all that for you, so you can focus on the thing you want to create.

We provide a free to use, purpose-built cloud infrastructure that was designed with speed and security in mind.

Whether it's a static website or full-stack web app, you get:

  • A URL, instantly - Use it yourself, share it with friends, or the world
  • Automated deployment - Your app is continuously deployed as you type
  • Preview changes - See what your changes look like straight away
  • HTTPS, built-in - Secure-hosting out of the box - no setup, no clicks
  • Automatic CDN for assets - Serving images, video, CSS, JSON, or whatever else you upload, quickly and consistently

Visual version control

Glitch Rewind is the easiest, most powerful version control for coders. With Rewind, you can see every change, every commit, and walk backward in time through all those edits, just by scrolling back on the timeline.

You can see who edited a file, how big a change was, what kind of files were changed, and if you import a Git repo, your history comes with it.

Plus, you already know how to use it - it’s as easy as rewinding a video on YouTube.

Live help with code

The Glitch Help feature makes getting support with your code from another community member as easy as raising your hand.

From anywhere in Glitch, if you’re editing a file, simply highlight the line or lines of text that you’re having trouble with, and you’ll see a 🙋🏾 button appear. Then, describe your problem and click “Ask for Help” and you’re all set! Your request for help will appear on the Glitch homepage so helpful people can offer their assistance.

Server-side debugger

Using the standard Developer Tools built into your Chrome browser, Glitch lets you see all of the code that runs your Glitch app, including the server-side code. You can set breakpoints, step through your code, and see the live code on both the client and the server. This makes it easier than ever to troubleshoot small problems in your app without having to configure a debugger, or mess around with logging things to the console.


You can embed Glitch apps anywhere - on your website, blog or in your documentation.

It works with blogging tools like Medium and WordPress, and you can completely customize the look and feel of your embed — choose to show your app, the code that powers it, or both at the same time.

And since nothing explains an idea better than real, running code, embedding Glitch on your page lets your audience remix and edit the app directly within the embed.


Full console access

Runs scripts and commands from a terminal built directly into the Glitch editor.

Import Git repos

Import your code from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and any other Git repo hosting service in just a few clicks.

Cloned repos include all files and the full commit history, which is viewable in Rewind.

Export to GitHub or Zip

With Glitch, you aren't locked-in. Export your project directly to a repo on GitHub, or download your code in a zip file to upload elsewhere.

NPM built-in

Use any NPM package and it'll be installed instantly. Common modules are automatically there when your project needs them. Especially when working with large or compiled modules, it's as fast as developing on your local machine.

Even better, node modules don't count against the storage limits on your Glitch projects.

Secure storage of secrets

Store secrets, credentials or private data with .env files - a secure environment config section in your projects, useful for storing API keys and app credentials. Only invited collaborators are able to see the contents of .env files.

Deploy to Firebase

We automatically detect when you’re creating a Firebase app, and magically provide the option to deploy it straight to Firebase Hosting from within the Glitch editor.

Custom domains

You can use any domain name you’ve already purchased elsewhere as a custom domain for your Glitch project.

One-click licenses and codes of conduct

Glitch lets you add any of the most popular open source licenses and a code of conduct right from the Add File menu in the editor.

Custom profiles

Share your projects with the world and tell people a little bit about yourself by infusing your own profile page with your unique personality.

Complete code portability

Glitch doesn't use any proprietary protocols or libraries. So you can export your project and it will just work on other services without requiring any changes.

All built around the friendliest community on the web — comprised of the most creative coders, designers, developers, artists, activists, and educators. People just like you.

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